Latest organisations that have gained their QPM Award

We are pleased to announce that the following organisations have recently been awarded the Advocacy Quality Performance Mark for three years.  Also, congratulations to the organisations that have re-achieved the QPM for a further 3 years*:

  • Havant & East Hants Mind  – Oct-18 to Sep-21
  • Age UK East London  – Nov-18 to Oct-21
  • CASBA* – Nov-18 to Oct-21
  • Citizens advice South Derbyshire and City – Nov-18 to Oct-21
  • Dewis Centre for Independent Living*  – Nov-18 to Oct-21
  • No Limits – Nov-18 to Oct-21
  • People First Independent Advocacy  – Nov-18 to Oct-21
  • Advocacy Matters Wales*  – Dec-18 to Nov-21
  • Disability Advice Service Lambeth*  – Dec-18 to Nov-21
  • Disability Sheffield  – Dec-18 to Nov-21
  • Solent Mind  – Dec-18 to Nov-21
  • Apasen  – Jan-19 to Dec-21
  • Cloverleaf Advocacy 2000 Ltd – Jan-19 to Dec-21

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