Advocacy Performance Mark

Introducing the Advocacy Quality Performance Mark

The only Quality Mark for organisations offering independent advocacy. The Advocacy Quality Performance Mark (QPM) is only awarded to organisations who can demonstrate that they provide excellent services in line with QPM standards and the advocacy charter. 

The QPM is a quality assurance assessment for providers of independent advocacy in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is based on the principles contained in the Advocacy Charter and the Advocacy Code of Practice, enabling providers to demonstrate how they are meeting the different standards.

The QPM has been reviewed and re-launched following consultation with advocacy providers, national stakeholders and commissioners.  This, the 4th edition of the QPM which was formally launched in May 2018.

It has been updated to reflect changes in both practice and legislation as well aiming to ensure its continued effectiveness in supporting a diverse advocacy sector deliver high quality independent advocacy provision.

The Assessment Process has been streamlined to reduce the administrative burden whilst maintaining the robust and rigorous approach of previous versions.

The QPM is available to providers of statutory and non-statutory independent advocacy in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  It does not cover Scotland.