Advocacy Awareness Week 2023 – 6th-10th November

Updating the Advocacy Code of Practice and QPM

Thanks so much to everyone who expressed an interest in our joining our Advocacy Code of Practice and QPM update steering group. We are grateful for your support and interest! We will update the QPM website with further news about the updates over the summer.  

Advocacy Awareness Week 2023 – 6th-10th November

Planning is well underway for this year’s Advocacy Awareness Week! Thanks to those of you who have been working with us on this. During this year’s AAW – we’ll be going back to basics and exploring All About Advocacy – what Advocacy is, what Advocacy isn’t, what advocates do, and how Advocacy can help people.  As usual, we will be providing graphics and content for anyone to share during the week. We’ll share the links to these in the next few weeks.

To help coproduce and contribute to this content, you can share your ideas about what Advocacy is and how advocates help people by completing this anonymous form. The form is for anyone to fill in – Advocates, people who access Advocacy, family members, other professionals etc. Please share the link to the form with anyone you think would like to contribute. We will share some of your thoughts, ideas and stories throughout Advocacy Awareness Week in different ways, in pictures, social media posts, videos and stories. The posts will be highlighting what Advocacy is and what difference advocacy makes for people.

 This year’s hashtags, chosen by the planning group, are:  #AAW23 and #WhatIsAdvocacy  During the week, we hope to challenge some assumptions about Advocacy, highlight what Advocacy means to people and bust a myth or two!

What is Advocacy to you? 

We would really like to know more about what Advocacy means to you. 

You can tell us in this short form. Your answers will be completely anonymous, so we won’t know who you are. We will share some of the thoughts and ideas, and stories throughout Advocacy Awareness Week and in advocacy resources, highlighting how Advocacy supports people and what Advocacy is to people. What is Advocacy to you?

National Advocacy Conference 2023

Find out more about this year’s 2 day conference event, the National Advocacy Awards & 3 days of online content…