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Advocacy Conference 2022

Our colleagues over at Blackbelt Advocacy are getting ready to share some incredible content with 3 days of online sessions (November 7, 8 & 9) followed by a one-day in-person event held on 10th November in Birmingham. If you are interested, you can find the programme here: 2022 Advocacy Conference.

Online – Nov 7-9th

As usual, the three-day online event will include a massive range of interesting and exciting speakers who will look at a range of topical themes – ranging from personal experiences, legal developments and innovative approaches within Advocacy.

In addition to the 1-hour sessions, there are self-care and more opportunities to connect with services, colleagues and friends. People are invited to join self-care sessions at the beginning of every day with a small number of 1:1’s also available. A human library is also running across the three days, which means people can connect directly to experts for more focused discussion.

In Person – 10th November

The in-person event will focus on developing practical skills essential to the advocacy toolkit. Tricia Nicoll will be co-delivering the one-day event in Birmingham that supports and challenges advocates to develop more bravery, influence and courage.

The costs for the online event are £39 pp and £119 for the in-person…., but Blackbelt Advocacy wants to make it as cheap and accessible for all. If you have a group of advocates you would like to attend and access this unmissable content, email enquiries@katemercer-training.com