Valuing Voices Report

This new report warns that disabled people and people that live in care homes have seen their human rights breached, and access to independent advocacy and health and social care cut, during the coronavirus pandemic. The report also explains the actions that could prevent a repeat of these problems, as the second wave of coronavirus sweeps over much of the UK.

The report is the result of a survey of nearly 450 advocates. Advocacy organisations across the UK, including NDTi, worked in partnership to run the survey and launch the report.

The report says: “As the pandemic continues, endemic loneliness and isolation must not be its legacy. For further waves, we must establish ways to make sure people are not isolated and do not experience overly harsh and overreaching restrictions to their liberty.”


Madeline Cooper-Ueki, programme lead at NDTi, said: “Advocates play a key role in helping prevent abuse. It is imperative that advocates should continue to have direct access to those who need them, at a time when there are even greater restrictions on people’s lives and pressure within health and care services.”

To find out more, download the report, and search #ValuingVoices on social media.

The Valuing Voices in Wales is now available to download in Welsh and in English