Research into Child Protection Conferences in England and Wales.

Nuffield Family Observatory and King’s College London are undertaking a piece of research with Kings College London on child protection conferences to look at the impact COVID 19 has had, if any. Building on the work of Dr Mary Baginsky, looking at the experience of 15 local authorities the research will be looking in detail in how the practice around child protection conferences has adapted to the current situation, from both a parental and professional point of view, and what can be learned moving forwards.


The research team is calling for parents and professionals with experience of attending child protection conferences during the pandemic to take part in a survey. The ‘professionals’ include advocates, social workers, Conference Chairs, GPs, midwives, health visitors, police and teachers.


If you’d like to contribute to this research, either as a professional or by supporting parents to be included, please click on this link.   Please also share this link with parents and professionals in your network as appropriate. The link is available until 16 October.

If you have questions about the research, you can contact Mary Baginsky by email at