Advocacy Mythbuster Post Template

Clare Tarling from Dorset Advocacy has shared a PowerPoint file that she made to create a series of Facebook posts based on the “Advocacy Mythbuster”. Feel free use it!  You can edit it how you want for your organisation.  You can change the colouring, font, wording, anything really.

Here’s how:

  • Download the file here
  • Open file
  • Go to “view” then “slide master”
  • Insert your logo (perhaps change font/text/background colour to match your logo)
  • “Close master view”
  • Make any other edits to the text
  • File > export > change file type > JPEG

This will give you 9 separate JPEG files – one for each slide. You can post one per day on our Facebook, alongside a hyperlink to the advocacy easy read page!