Coronavirus, people’s voice and advocacy: a myth buster

There has probably never been a more important time for people to be able to get independent advocacy to ensure that their voices are heard and rights upheld. There are myths circulating which might restrict people’s access to advocacy, and this guide debunks them, to help enable people to get the support they need to have a strong voice and their rights respected.

You can access the Myth Buster here

This document was written in good faith based on the best information available at a point in time in a fast-changing situation. It does not constitute advice on the law or any other matter. No liability is accepted for any adverse consequences of reliance upon it. We see this very much as a ‘living document’ and intend to update it in response to emerging issues.

We want to extend our thanks to colleagues across the sector who have inspired and influenced this resource and especially so to colleagues at VoiceAbility and Blackbelt Advocacy who have worked incredibly hard on its development.

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